What will be enthusing consumers next year? Some are guided by influencers, seeking at all times to create a trendy, individual look. Others are looking for calm, purpose and awareness – especially in our fast-moving times. But the themes of sustainability, naturalness and recycling have become a meta trend that influences all types of consumers as well as designers and producers. The key trends at Ambiente 2019 show just how attractive and varied the results can be.

Come with us on a voyage of discovery!

tasteful residence

exquisite refined elegant nuanced subtle unusual relaxed sensual

Perfect craftsmanship with a flawless finish – rich colours, sensual materials, pure lines and perfect proportions create a relaxed, timeless elegance. Selected favourite pieces, one-off creations and designs with an object character give the look its special appeal.

The Colours

Mood collage tasteful residence

Materials and Surfaces

Material collage tasteful residence

The best design ideas are the outcome of an in-depth examination of precious woods, leather and bouclé, velvet, velour and porcelain. Coloured glass and polished surfaces are a central theme. Reliefs and 3D effects add elegant touches.

cozy embossed luxurious perfect lively noble polished structured

quiet surrounding

natural discreet puristic soft contemplative soothing grounded subdued

Simply beautiful: natural, simple and useful products satisfy a yearning for calm and honesty. They create in soft colours unpretentious havens for an everyday life free from stress. Respect for materials and creativity in the use made of them are of great importance here.

The Colours

Mood collage quiet surrounding

Materials and Surfaces

Material collage quiet surrounding

Natural materials are combined with a love of experimen­tation and traditional handicraft techniques: textiles such as wool, silk, hemp and linen as well as wood, stone, straw, clay and ceramics – natural or glazed – are often the product of recycling.

mindful experimental recycled sustainable hand-crafted innovative simple honest

joyfilled ambience

colourful cheerful lively carefree idiosyncratic bold playful spontaneous

Styling as self-expression with bold colour combinations and the charm of serendipity: uniformity has no chance here. Things are mixed in unorthodox ways and variety is celebrated – in a playful manner, free from all conventions and full of joie de vivre.

The Colours

Mood collage joyfilled ambience

Materials and Surfaces

Material collage joyfilled ambience

The mixture of patterns is as unconventional as the materials are diverse: botanical motifs, geometric and outsized figures, vintage prints, illustrative tapestries and innovatively recycled plastic are juxtaposed in refreshing and surprising ways.

creative diverse unorthodox patterned illustrative floral lively


Ambiente’s trend forecasts are the product of worldwide research. On behalf of Messe Frankfurt, Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano has for many years now been predicting future developments in the consumer goods sector. As specialists in detecting trends and with a special feeling for materials, colours and styling, they know how to home in on what is truly significant – and present it in a masterly way.

Annetta Palmisano © Michael Zellmer

Annetta Palmisano

© Michael Zellmer
Cem Bora © Michael Zellmer

Cem Bora

© Michael Zellmer
Claudia Herke © Michael Zellmer

Claudia Herke

© Michael Zellmer

Draw inspiration from the major product presentation at the Ambiente show in February. Exclusive guided tours and lectures for retailers will make the 2019 trends readily discernible.

Trend Presentation

Hallenplan mit Kennzeichnung der Orte für Trendpräsentation und -vorträge


Trend presentation: Galleria 1
Trend lectures: Now new in Hall 9.1, Ambiente Academy,
Stand D90, daily at 11.30 am and 2.30 pm

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